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baby highchair

Functionality, Quality and Design.

Highchair Footrests

Improve your baby’s mealtime with a foot support for fine motor skills, reducing restlessness and fussiness, promoting interest in eating.

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Adjustable High Chair

Practical solutions for your hichchair

baby Highchair

Placemats and waterproof cushions

Made in Portugal

Mamima is family project with the mission of creating high-quality accessories to make your baby’s high chair even better.

We want to ensure that weaning is a joyful and positive experience for both parents and babies.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide comfortable and safe accessories that promote the baby’s development and accompany them on their feeding journey, such as our adjustable footrests compatible with IKEA high chairs.
  • Innovate in fabrics and easy-to-clean materials, so parents worry less about dirt. This includes our soft silicone placemats, cushions, and covers with waterproof fabrics, as well as our new bibs that cover sleeves and legs.
  • Create captivating designs and use charming colors for the little ones, ensuring they also complement the home decor.

From our family,
with love

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