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Happy to see you around.

Let me tell you the story of MAMIMA’s birth.

When my daughter Lara started eating soup and porridge, I didn’t think twice about buying the IKEA Antilop chair, and I bought two right away, one for our home and another for my parents’ :).

It is perfect, easy to clean, aesthetically beautiful and simple, which, being a designer, sparked my imagination to customize it my way and make it special for her, and so, just like that, MAMIMA was born.

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Since IKEA only offers two different pillow cases for the inflatable pillows they sell, I thought that, like me, other moms and dads would like to have more options. After all, we are talking about a chair that is part of the family common space and needs to integrate harmoniously into its decor and, besides that, it is always helpful to have at least one extra pillowcase for an emergency!

I had a lot of fun creating various models for all tastes and even added some accessories. Just as I’m super happy with my creations, I hope your family will be too.

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I love to see the new home of each piece made by MAMIMA,
share with me your experience 🙂

@mamima.shop #mamima

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Olá 👋
Olá 👋
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