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Footrest for IKEA Antilop High Chair


Adjustable Footrest for the IKEA Antilop Baby Highchair to promotes proper posture, stability, and support during meals.


  • 1 x Wooden footrest
  • 4 x O-ring
  • Instruction manual.

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To know if your footrest is properly installed, ensure that the baby has hips, knees, and ankles at 90 degrees.


  • Increases motor skills to improve concentration and a comfortable eating experience.
  • Height adjustable, as your child grows.
  • Portable.
  • Easy and quick installation.

Suitable for:

  • IKEA Antilop
  • Happy Bear Continente


Pine wood treated with a water-based satin varnish finish.

Safety notice:

  • Please bear in mind that children can always use the footrest to stand and get up from their chairs, so you should constantly supervise the child while in the chair.
  • O-rings can be a choking hazard. If you are not using all of the O-rings, be sure to keep them out of your child’s reach.

Tip for installing the Footrest 💡

Try our Self-Adhesive Leg Wrap for covering chair legs, due to its textured material, creates friction and prevents the footrest from possible sliding. However, in cases of older and more active children, it may be necessary to purchase one of our supports (sold separately) in our online store, which completely prevent the footrest from slipping.

Handmade in Portugal.

How to install the IKEA high chair footrest?

To set up the adjustable footrest for the IKEA Antilop high chair, follow these steps: place the o-rings onto the front two legs of the chair at a height that matches your baby's leg length, then attach the wooden footrest. That's it – you're all set! This feature prevents your baby from slumping in the high chair, making it a significant advantage!

See our video on how to install the IKEA Antilop footrest.

Does your footrest only work on IKEA Antilop highchair?

The footrest is designed to fit the dimensions of the IKEA Antilop dining chairs, but it can also be used on baby dining chairs with similar designs, such as the Happy Bear Continente chair. See the description for measurements to help you decide.

Do babies need footrest when eating?

It is not essential, but a highchair with a footrest that follows the baby's growth allows for good stability, safety and comfort. It also helps the baby to maintain a correct posture, thus being able to flex the knees to 90º, contributing to the good development of motor skills and concentration at mealtime. It ensures postural stability and consequently the mandible or lower jaw which, in addition to helping to reduce the risk of choking, is essential for harmonious craniofacial growth.

What is the weight limit for the footrest?

The footrest should not be used as a full body support and cannot bear the sustained weight of a child's entire body. It is designed to hold the weight of a child's legs, typically up to 3 years old (~15kg). The baby may try to support the whole body on the footrest, and in these cases, we recommend purchasing our PLA Support or Zinc Plated Support, which prevent the footrest from sliding.

My footrest slips. What can I do?

The original legs of the chair, being metal, can contribute to the footrest slipping as it accumulates oils or even moisture. We recommend pushing the rings all the way up and then cleaning the chair legs with alcohol. Allow to air dry and then put the rings back down. If the footrest continues to slide, we recommend purchasing our PLA Support, Zinc Plated Support or our Self-Adhesive Leg Wrap for covering chair legs, which prevent the footrest from sliding.

Is Antilop high chair safe?

The IKEA Antilop high chair boasts exceptional durability, functionality, and safety, all at a fraction of the price compared to other high chairs available in the market.

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Dimensions50 × 8 × 2 cm

28 reviews for Footrest for IKEA Antilop High Chair

  1. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Produto de óptima qualidade. Envio rápido.

  2. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Genial produto. Fácil de montar e de limpar

  3. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Funciona incrivelmente bem. Fácil de instalar. Permanece no lugar.

  4. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Encaixa perfeitamente e torna a cadeira muito mais confortável para o bebé

  5. Portuguese (Portugal)



  6. Portuguese (Portugal)


    satisfeito a 100%

  7. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Vale muito a pena. Sinto que meu filho está mais confortável na cadeira agora!

  8. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Comprei por recomendação do pediatra e é perfeito

  9. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Perfeito para a cadeira Antilop. Torna-a melhor do que outras cadeiras caras que vêm com um apoio para os pés ajustável apenas em 2 ou 3 níveis. Este é completamente ajustável e tem uma ótima qualidade. A instalação foi fácil

  10. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Para o que é o preço parece excessivo. O produto em si é muito bom, instala-se bastante facilmente, fica bonito e ajusta-se à altura de bebês pequenos ou grandes

  11. Portuguese (Portugal)


    parece muito robusto e de boa qualidade

  12. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Foi entregue no prazo indicado

  13. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Boa qualidade, mas parece um pouco caro

  14. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Tive problemas com o pedido; chegou danificado pela transportadora, mas conseguiram resolver instantaneamente. Ótimo serviço

  15. Portuguese (Portugal)


    prático e funcional

  16. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Comprei e recebi em tempo recorde

  17. Portuguese (Portugal)


    um must-have para a cadeira de criança da ikea

  18. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Excelente qualidade, desenhos super giros e do melhor apoio ao cliente que já tive. Recomendo!

  19. Portuguese (Portugal)


    fácil instalação e ajustável à medida que vai crescendo, perfeito

  20. Portuguese (Portugal)


    Foi fácil de colocar e funciona muito bem com a cadeira da ikea

  21. Spanish


    todo perfecto! llego antes de lo esperado

  22. Portuguese (Portugal)



  23. Portuguese (Portugal)


    a destacar o bom atendimento. A Joana ajudou-me imenso com todas as minhas dúvidas, muito disponível e simpática.

  24. Portuguese (Portugal)


    funciona muito bem!

  25. Portuguese (Portugal)


    bonito e fácil de montar

  26. Portuguese (Portugal)



  27. Portuguese (Portugal)


    recebi meu pousa pés em tempo recorde

  28. Portuguese (Portugal)


    envio super rápido, obrigada joana!

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