PLA White Support Clamps for IKEA Antilop Footrest (2 units)



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Compatible with Antilop Ikea and Happy Bear Continente.

Includes 2 units.

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PLA White Support Clamps for IKEA Antilop Footrest (2 units) 3.90

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Footrest and highchair not included.

As your baby realizes the true function of the footrest, it is possible that they apply downwards pressure (thus making it slide down) or even try to stand up and get out of the chair.

The main function of this product is to allow your footrest to be completely stable and without slipping. The support is made of PLA, a bioplastic made from dextrose (sugar) extracted from materials from renewable sources (corn starch or sugar cane). It has the advantage over other plastics that it can be biodegraded under properly controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

As the screw is made of metal and the bracket is made of plastic, it might be possible to cause the bracket to break by over-tightening the screw, therefore only tighten as necessary so that it is no longer possible for the bracket to move.

Extra Care:
Despite being biodegradable, you should avoid factors that contribute to this such as being near heat sources above 50 C and prolonged exposure to high humidity. The support can be washed without submerging and without the need for high temperatures. It must be dried afterwards to ensure greater durability.

Security Notice:
The clamps are not a toy and contain small parts that can cause choking.


10 reviews for PLA White Support Clamps for IKEA Antilop Footrest (2 units)

  1. R
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Rute verified owner

    Melhores que os anteriores

  2. MC
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Mafalda coelho verified owner

    Ajuda imenso para segurar e regular o pousa pés

  3. MG
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Mathilde Giordimaina verified owner

    Ainda não coloquei

  4. TC
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Telma C. verified owner

    Artigo conforme descrito

  5. MG
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Marita Gouveia verified owner

    Inexcedíveis! A anterior experiência de compra já tinha sido ótima, mas havia esquecido os suportes PLA que fazem, de facto, toda a diferença. Houve o cuidado de entrar em contacto para uma alternativa ao envio mais em conta, considerando o baixo valor da encomenda. Se já recomendava a mamimashop tenho agora ainda mais razões para o fazer – para além dos produtos serem de elevada qualidade, com ótimos acabamentos, a experiência de compra é incrível e mostraram um cuidado com o cliente que é a cereja no topo do bolo. “Detalhes” que fazem toda a diferença. Parabéns Mamimashop!

  6. AP
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Ana Patrícia Ferreira verified owner

    Adorei ❤️

  7. DB
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Diana Branco verified owner

    Muito bom material

  8. TL
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Tania Leitao verified owner

    Fazem bem a sua função

  9. IC
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Irina C. verified owner

    Ainda não usado mas será util!

  10. S
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Susana verified owner

    Uma segurança extra

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