Placemat for IKEA Antilop High Chair



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Perfectly fits the IKEA Antilop high chair tray. Slip-resistant material helps plates, bowls & cups stay in place.

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Base de silicone para o tabuleiro IKEA Antilop
Placemat for IKEA Antilop High Chair 14.00

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High Chair not included.


BPA free, Prop 65 compliant, FDA approved


Clean by rinsing with warm soapy water or placing in the dishwasher. Washing immediately after use prevents temporary discoloration.

High chair not included.

19 reviews for Placemat for IKEA Antilop High Chair

  1. A
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Anónimo verified owner

    Ótima ajuda para blw

  2. CA
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Carla Araújo Araujo verified owner


    Image #1 from Carla Araújo Araujo
  3. AE
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Ana E. verified owner

    Muito fácil de limpar

  4. AN
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Andreia Novais verified owner


  5. JM
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Joana Moura verified owner

    Combinada na perfeição com o padrão “Elisa”

  6. MB
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Maria Bettencourt verified owner

    Linda e funcional!!

  7. MC
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Mafalda coelho verified owner

    Fácil de limpar

  8. PN
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Patrícia Nobre verified owner


  9. CR
    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Caroline Ribeiro de Almeida verified owner

    Material e encaixa excelentes.

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